Dr Beth Winn
Dr Beth Winn, Co-Lead
Dr Beth Winn is a GP working at Charlotte Keel Medical Practice, one of the largest of the most deprived practices in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) area. She is passionate about improving equity in healthcare and has worked with deprived, marginalised patient groups in India, Malawi, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Alongside clinical work she has led some large quality improvement initiatives, ranging from tackling patient safety in rural Kwazulu-Natal to increasing the uptake of the cervical smear test in ethnic minority patient groups in Bristol. She is co-leading the development of this network.

Dr Shoba Dawson
Dr Shoba Dawson, Co-Lead
Dr Shoba Dawson is a Research Fellow based at the Centre for Academic Primary Care. She has research interest and expertise in health inequalities and working with underserved groups to co-produce research. She has established networks with various ethnically diverse communities across Bristol and nationally. She is co-leading this project with Dr Beth Winn.

Dr Polly Duncan
Dr Polly Duncan, Research Lead
Dr Polly Duncan is a GP and Doctoral Research Fellow in Bristol. Her PhD focuses on the unmet health needs and health inequalities experienced by older housebound people. She is the founder and outgoing Chair of the ‘Primary care
Academic Collaborative’ (PACT) – a UK wide network of primary care health professionals that collectively design and take part in well-designed high impact primary care research. Setting up a Deep End network in BNSSG was principally Polly’s idea and she is providing the team with valuable support.

Ms Zoe Wilkins
Zoe Wilkins, Administrator
Zoe Wilkins is a Research Administrator based at Bristol Trials Centre. She has worked on a number of research trials at the University of Bristol and is responsible for providing a wide range of administrative support to the team.