Aim of GPs at the Deep End Bristol

To build a long-term initiative, providing peer support, advocacy, training and research opportunities to clinicians and patients working and living in the most deprived areas.

GPs at the Deep End Movement

GPs at the Deep End was first started in Scotland in 2009 by Professor Graham Watt and brought together GPs working in the most deprived practices in the country. Since then, the Deep End has gone on to give practitioners in the most deprived communities a voice and identity, lead the way on projects that aimed to mitigate the inverse care law and inspired the formation of similar Deep End networks around the world. The group continues to provide peer support, advocacy, training and research opportunities to learn more about general practice in disadvantaged areas.

The deep end movement is not under any illusion about the many social determinants of poor health, and the need for measures outside general practice to protect and promote the current and future health of local populations. However, health care increasingly makes a difference to population health, and if this is delivered inequitably, health care can widen inequality. The challenge for health care is to find ways of increasing the volume, quality and consistency of care in deprived areas.

There are now Deep End groups in England in Yorkshire & Humber, Greater Manchester, Newcastle and Plymouth, in Ireland, and Australia. Professor Watt has been supportive of our deep end development.